Hey! Welcome to the blog! I’m Teela and I’m a 28 year old Atlanta based graphic designer. When I graduated from college in 2008, I was lucky enough to find a job in a down economy, but knew if I was going to keep a job, I needed to constantly be working up the skills I developed in college. I was doing tutorials after work and on the weekends, then started experimenting on my own, always learning new tricks along the way. It’s been an interesting road to say the least, but it’s made me the designer I am today. I started this blog as a way of giving back to this amazing online design community we all are lucky enough to be a part of. So why Every-Tuesday? Aside from you having a reason to come back and visit every week for something new on Tuesday ;), I’m also everytuesday over on graphic river and on creative market if you’d like to check out my portfolio there. I hope you enjoy the content and hopefully learn something new along the way – if you’re looking for something you can’t seem to find anywhere else, shoot me an email with your suggestion! Thanks again for hanging out, hope to see you again soon next week :)

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