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Beginner Illustrator Textures Tutorials

Create Watercolor Texture Brushes in Adobe Illustrator

February 21, 2017
Create watercolor texture brushes in adobe illustrator

Happy Tuesday! I’m not gonna lie, this week’s tutorial is one of my favorites. Essentially, we’re combining the watercolor photoshop brush tutorial from a few weeks ago with last week’s ribbon tutorial. And we’re doing it all in Illustrator and keeping things simple and easy 😉 We’ll start by taking some watercolor textures on transparent backgrounds (like these, these or these), and then directly convert them into watercolor texture brushes in Illustrator. You’ll be able to transform the textures into any shape using the brush tool to create beautiful results. Create them once, then save them out for infinite future uses, too! Read on to see how! Continue Reading

favorite home inkjet printers
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My Favorite Home Inkjet Printers

I was surprised to receive a number of emails lately asking which home inkjet printers I recommend. After using different printers at all of the jobs I’ve held, plus using my own home printers (which I used for a stationery biz I once had –…

February 2, 2017
create a flat imac icon in adobe illustrator
Illustrator Tutorials vector

Create a Flat iMac Icon in Adobe Illustrator

Happy Tuesday! I’ve had a few requests to create flat-style illustrations, so this week we’re creating a flat iMac icon in Adobe Illustrator! If you’ve ever been unsure of how to get started with vector icons, or you’d like to practice your shape-based illustration…

January 10, 2017