License FAQ

Every-Tuesday product licenses are broken into 3 different types: Freebies, Standard and Extended. Standard and Extended Licenses apply to products purchased through Every-Tuesday’s product page. These licenses are all listed below with what is allowed and isn’t allowed under each one.

If you have any questions or need any further clarity, feel free to contact us for written approval.

  • There are 3 Every-Tuesday License types: Freebies, Standard and Extended.
  • Items may be used/installed on one computer per Standard/Extended License.
  • Standard Licenses are for personal use in items not intended for sale.
  • Using an item for business purposes? You’ll need an Extended License.
  • Further questions about a license? Contact us.
  • If you are a company that needs multiple extended licenses, please get in touch about pricing.

Freebies License

  • Personal use is ok
  • Commercial use with restrictions
  • Must be incorporated into a greater artwork
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Standard License

  • Personal use only
  • Must be incorporated into a greater artwork
  • One license per computer
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Extended License

  • Use in items meant to be sold
  • One license per computer
  • Used for business purposes
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Freebie License Rights

Standard License Rights

Extended License License Rights


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