Have you ever dreamed of having the ability to animate your artwork and create beautiful animations with ease? Well, dreams are fast becoming reality as the Procreate Dreams animation app is revolutionizing how animators work. As a graphic artist, I can’t help but brainstorm all the little doodles and lettering I’ll soon be able to add life to. Here’s a recap of today’s presentation, along with my hot take as a graphic designer below. 🔥

As we near the start of fall, this week I’m sharing 5 free crisp and cozy fall color palettes! I’ve provided each color palette’s HEX numbers as well as a Procreate

Adding custom fonts to your Procreate library can take your designs further, adding the ability to inject personality and character with text into all that you create. Whether you’re a seasoned

When you’re just getting started with hand lettering, figuring out the lettering styles you’d like to create and keeping them consistent can feel overwhelming. There are so many possibilities! This week

Clipping masks in Procreate are one of those things you may have avoided at first (weird name, sounds complicated = 🙈), but once you start using them, you can’t imagine

If you use Procreate for hand lettering, you’ve likely experienced the struggle of finding just the right brush for your needs. It can be an overwhelmingly time consuming task

I feel like I will always have a need for cute and simple flower doodles. Whether it’s for an icon on a website or social media cover image, to even logos

Bring on the sun with these free Procreate color palettes As we move out of the light pastels of springtime, the colors and artwork become bolder and more saturated, mimicking those

How to build on the basics and delight with detail My 4 year old daughter and I have been making pancakes lately. A LOT of pancakes (starting to think it’s mostly

A step-by-step guide to test seamless repeat patterns with ease Why use a pattern tester? Let’s face it: testing patterns manually in procreate is hard. Hard, and definitely


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