As we near the start of fall, this week I’m sharing 5 free crisp and cozy fall color palettes! I’ve provided each color palette’s HEX numbers as well as a Procreate swatch download. The palettes are reminiscent of the beautiful colors of Autumn and memories of those cooler, crisper days. You’ll find warm greens, dark browns, dark autumn shades and lighter shades, too. You’ll also find fall foliage colors like burnt orange, dark green, olive, mustard yellow, deep brown and deep green. If you start craving anything pumpkin spice after this post, we’ll take the blame #sorrynotsorry 😉 Let’s jump in!

Comparing fall color schemes

To see the differences a color palette makes, I created a fall bouquet and recolored the same bouquet with each new fall color palette. To create the bouquet, I used several brushes from my Bouquet Maker brush set.

Fall bouquet with color palette applied

For each color palette, I painted in the fall colors using the Tuesday Waterbrush found in my Messy Watercolors brush set, only lifting my stylus to change shapes. This kept a consistent watercolor texture throughout, along with those realistic overlaps of denser color. 😍

1. Extra Blankets Palette: Wrapping in Comfort

Extra Blankets rich fall color palette with warm tones

⬇️ Click here to download the Extra Blankets palette as a Procreate Swatch

The Extra Blankets fall color palette pays homage to the feeling of being wrapped in layers of warmth and comfort as the temperatures drop. Picture yourself lounging by the window, wrapped in a cozy throw, as the world outside transforms into a canvas of muted tones. These shades of soft pink, deep burgundy, and rich greens and blues evoke the sensation of staying snug indoors, making them the perfect choice for designs that embrace the snug side of autumn.

Extra Blankets Fall Color Palette:

  • Dark Slate #40404b

  • Rich Green #6a6739

  • Cloudy Seafoam #9e997f

  • Burgundy #4f0000

  • Horizon Orange #b13e00

  • Pastel Pink #f1b48d

Whether you’re crafting a watercolor greeting card or designing a tranquil journal cover, the Extra Blankets palette and its warm colors will add the serene comfort of a lazy fall morning. 🌥️

2. Crisp Morning Air Palette: A Breath of Freshness

A soft autumn color palette: Crisp Morning Air

⬇️ Click here to download the Crisp Morning Air palette as a Procreate Swatch

Embrace the chill of autumn mornings with the Crisp Morning Air fall color palette. This palette captures the essence of dew-kissed landscapes and clear skies, where softer shades and gentle greens invite a sense of renewal and inspiration into your projects.

Fall Colors:

  • Deep Sage #58503b

  • Morning Dew #bfbdb0

  • Dusty Pink #c88a77

  • Baby Pink #fee1ce

  • Pumpkin Spice #c45e35

  • Mulberry #631e0b

  • Payne’s Grey #625e55

  • Soft Taupe #dbcab0

Whether you’re illustrating a landscape or designing nature-inspired patterns, the Crisp Morning Air palette will add that unique energy of a new fall day.

3. Warm Cider Palette: Comforting and Inviting

a color combination of warm and darker shades: Warm Cider color palette

⬇️ Click here to download the Warm Cider palette as a Procreate Swatch

No fall color palette collection is complete without a tribute to the aroma of warm cider! The Warm Cider palette marries the earthy tones of cinnamon and nutmeg with the richness of apple cider. These different shades evoke memories of gathering with loved ones around a crackling fire, hands wrapped around your favorite mug, covered in a cozy blanket. Perfect for designs that radiate warmth and togetherness.

Fall Palette:

  • Spiced Cinnamon #833613

  • Soft Mulberry #815658

  • Mulled Wine #59262b

  • Puff Pink #f0bd9b

  • Soft Caramel #cba572

  • Nutmeg Brown #5a3913

If you’re illustrating recipe cards or heartfelt family event invitations, the Warm Cider palette will infuse some extra spice along with the spirit of autumn gatherings.

4. Letting Go Palette: Embracing Change

Contrasting shades and bright colors: the Letting Go fall color palette

⬇️ Click here to download the Letting Go palette as a Procreate Swatch

As the leaves begin to descend and we’re forced to say our goodbyes to summer, the Letting Go fall color palette captures the transformative beauty of the changing season. The palette holds on to the bright color of departing summer, while integrating some of the warmer shades found within autumn color palettes.

Fall Color Scheme:

  • Olive Green #4f4b1f

  • Forest Green #263d22

  • Amber Gold #c08f41

  • Potpourri #bf5b37

  • Maple Leaf #863921

  • Pink Sea Salt #ffd7cd

5. Cozy Sweater Palette: Wrapped in Warmth

Color inspiration with dark shades: Cozy Sweater palette

⬇️ Click here to download the Cozy Sweater palette as a Procreate Swatch

These colors bring me back to the feeling of slipping into a favorite cozy sweater on a chilly fall day. The Cozy Sweater fall color palette captures that sensation with its blend of soft neutrals and rich tones. From warm berry hues to muted colors, this palette exudes the comfort of a well-loved garment.

Fall Color Scheme:

  • Velvet #280c20

  • Cranberry #72384a

  • Rhubarb #833b3c

  • Chestnut #803e18

  • Pie Crust #9f784b

  • Thyme #665638

  • Rosemary #716e58

  • Overcast #807d8c

Start using your new fall color palettes!

Take your fall illustrations, designs and concepts to a swoon-worthy place with these 5 free fall color palettes! From the comfort of Extra Blankets’ rich colors to the transformative energy of Letting Go, each palette offers a unique way to celebrate the beauty of fall. Which one is your favorite? Experiment with these color palettes, add to them and adjust as desired, and let the magic of autumn inspire your work. It’s fair to say that fall colors aren’t just a seasonal trend – they’re a timeless staple. 🍂

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