We’ll create some artwork using Procreate, then print it using a home printer. Next, we’ll add several craft enhancements for a finished, mixed media wrapped bouquet card you can gift or sell!
The brand new Procreate Dreams animation app is coming! Here's everything you need to know + a hot take from a graphic designer 🤔
Pick up 5 free crisp and cozy fall color palettes! Download as free Procreate swatch files or swipe the HEX numbers directly 🍂
It's easier than you think to add fonts to Procreate! Follow this step-by-step guide to get typing with your favorite letters asap!
Beginner friendly clipping masks in Procreate! Easy examples + 3 ways to make quicker and more beautiful artwork with them!
Make the most of Procreate for hand lettering! Here's a full brush selection guide of the best free + premium lettering brushes!
Create eye catching simple flower doodles in Procreate! Add personality with messy watercolor blooms, washes + splatter in this beginner friendly tutorial!
Bring on the summer vibes with this bundle of 3 FREE early summer Procreate color palettes!
Create a swoon worthy bouquet of flowers drawing by applying one of these 3 easy style options. Free composition sketch + colors included!

A step-by-step guide to test seamless repeat patterns with ease Why use a pattern tester? Let’s face it: testing patterns manually in procreate is hard. Hard, and definitely

I’ve received a few requests lately on the method I used to create my email recap header graphic, which is also my current youtube channel art. Here’s what that looks like:

Happy Tuesday! I’ve got some fun flat florals for you today using a symmetry method that works perfectly for stationery! By using a symmetrical frame shape centered on the canvas, we


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