I have been working well into the wee morning hours this past week preparing for my new Skillshare class coming early next week. I don’t want to give it entirely away, but there are some pretty vector elements + watercolor textures involved! I’m sooo excited about the class I wanted to give a tiny sneak peek of what I’ve been spending all that time on! Since vector elements play a big role in the class, I created a monster set of over 100 hand drawn vector leaves and flourishes. This set was created for people who may not want to spend as many hours as I did making them 🙂 Today I want to give away 5 of them for free!

Use these to add a hand made touch + pretty up words, quotes, add to logos, invitations, social media posts – anything! Once you start playing around with them, it’s hard to stop 😉 If you like these, be sure to check out the full giant set – preview below!

The 5 shown in the preview above come as an ai + eps file for versions of Illustrator, CS3 or newer.
Pick up your vector leaves and flourishes here!


hand drawn vector leaves and flourishes full set preview



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Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate
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  • These are lovely! Thank you.

  • I like to purchase your full sets as they are beautiful and may be useful someday, did so today, but mostly because it helps fund you for your generous blog – and the price is never steep. But you may not be aware that gumroad requires the PayPal user to agree to pre-approved payments. I can’t think of any reason they need me to set them up in PayPal as pre-approved. PayPal reduces fraud in both directions as it is. I will not give gumroad that agreement and therefore they will not allow a PayPal transaction for your product pkgs. This is a deal killer for me. I am now suspicious of giving them my cc for payment too.

      • “This pre-approved payments thing is a security measure (I would assume)”
        My assumption is ‘pre-approved payments’ means gumroad can be paid from my PayPal acct anytime they want without my say-so. If gumroad thinks it means something else, they need to explain. If gumroad thinks it means I approve them as a vendor for payments I request to be made, there is no need for that as PayPal pays who I tell them to. At least I think they do. I have never had PayPal tell me they refuse to make a payment I requested.

  • Thanks for looking into this and reporting back. Unfortunately, the dialog box only had one button to push which was for me to okay the approval deal. There was no choosing options available or I would have chosen to not do those things and do the purchase anyway. If you don’t okay the approval deal there is/was no way to make the purchase. If it is as Gumroad explained, PayPal needs to add another button to the scary box that says, Don’t Approve and go ahead with the transaction.

  • Hello!

    I have a question:
    If I want to use it with Photoshop, what can I do? Because I really loooove all your Freebies, but some of them don’t have like the Photoshop ‘version’.

    Thanks a lot!

      • Wow, thank you so much for the answer, Teela! I really love your Freebies, and I admire how hard you work to share it with us, you are incredible!
        Thanks again 🙂


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