It’s time for a new hand lettered desktop wallpaper! I’ve really enjoyed making these the last few months and plan to keep these going all next year – it’s also nice to get a frequent refresh on my own desktop 🙂 This month’s wallpaper doubles as a sneak peek! I’m half way through creating my next font – a brush script this time, and I just finished up the full lowercase portion. The December lettering you see will soon be an available font! Look for it next month 😉 Until then – grab the wallpaper in two different sizes: 1920×1080 and 1280×1024 with and without dates below!

Download containing both resolutions, with and without dates (as jpgs):


Freebie: Hand Lettered December Desktop Wallpapers

december wallpaper with dates

with dates

december wallpaper without dates

without dates

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