Today is one of the biggest days to date on Every-Tuesday. Our very first long-form, self hosted course (only available on every-tuesday) is officially open today, titled Brush Lettering with Watercolor!

Two years ago, I decided to go all-in with my brush lettering. I tried (what felt like) every supply out there, watched demos, looked at inspiration, read books, you name it. My lettering was improving very slowly, and I experienced a lot of frustration. A lot of overwhelm. A lot of second guessing. It felt like I was doing everything right, but my outcomes just didn’t feel like they were quite there. I started implementing a few new techniques and that’s when things really took a turn for me. I remember the night it finally came together so well, like I had cracked a special code.

This took me TWO years to figure out! Two years is a freaking long time! Once I figured out how to finally get myself on the right track, my lettering advanced quicker than ever before. Every day I was practicing, and understanding letterforms and connections more thoroughly. I learned how using and holding a brush altered letter appearances and how to create letterforms that looked like they belonged together. Most of all, I found my style. I also realized what took me two years could have been accomplished in 6 months or less had I known these techniques sooner. That’s why I created this class.


brush lettering with watercolor


Once I had my letterforms down, I decided to challenge myself with watercolor. Let me tell you, I am NO fine artist. I had never used watercolors before, either. I’m a decent doodler, and I have a passion for typography, but that’s where my fine arts gifts ended. Everything else in the creative world has been crafts or digital graphic design for me. But, oh man, do I love the look of watercolor. Texture + color all in one AND I could use it with typography. Basically everything about art that I love 🙂

So the process began all over again, testing supplies, playing around with blends, peppering our house with watercolor lettering on every scrap paper I found. With time, things started getting really pretty. And I became more obsessed. Since I went to school for graphic design, part of my prerequisites included color theory. Understanding color blending in this new territory was helpful, but I did have to break out my color wheel again 🙂 This eventually expanded into using masking fluid, playing around with metallic watercolors, iridescent medium and applying shadow and depth effects I had previously only integrated into my graphic design. It was a whole new world and I was ready to stay awhile!

In this class, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned along my brush lettering with watercolor journey. All the little tricks I learned the hard way, and the exercises that helped me to discover my style the quickest. There are 3 tiers to choose from plus countless practice and resource sheets, so you can dive as deep as you’d like with everything you’ll need. Once you join, you’ll have lifetime access to the class. Watch whenever, wherever, and as many times as you’d like.

Check out the full course by clicking here, and check out the full class trailer below!

New Class: Brush Lettering with Watercolor

Why this class isn’t on Skillshare
Many of you probably know me from Skillshare, or have even taken more than one of my classes there (thank you!). I wanted to take a quick second to explain why this class is exclusive to every-tuesday instead of also being there.

Because I love teaching, creating courses and tutorials is something I want to keep doing indefinitely at this point. Nothing has fulfilled me more than helping and interacting with others who love design and lettering literally all around the world. It’s been incredible.

Last year, Spencer (my husband) and I quit our full time jobs to focus on Every-Tuesday courses and digital products (fonts, textures, etc.) to help make design projects quicker to execute. As we head into our second year of our business full time, we’ve had many, many conversations about how to make Every-Tuesday better and grow our business. Since I offer free, shorter tutorials every week that are ~10-20 minutes and medium format classes on Skillshare (around an hour long), a natural next step was creating long form, comprehensive courses. Essentially, start to finish, everything-you-need-to-know about a topic, courses. This will provide everyone an opportunity to dive as deep or shallow as they’d like into the different topics covered here. It’s nice to have options 🙂 Creating longer form classes is also something I’ve reallllly wanted to do since I first started teaching, but Skillshare isn’t the right platform for that length (you’ll notice many classes are half an hour or less there).

I hope that all makes sense. This was all decided so we could offer more, because teaching is something I’m extremely committed to. I hope to see you in this class and that you’ll enjoy this new offering of every-tuesday!


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Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate
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  • Hi, Teela! Congratulations on the course–it looks amazing! Does the master class also include the lovelier letters and essentials, or does each tier contain different information/modules? I’m trying to figure out which class to sign up for. Thank you and best wishes!


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