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  • Thanks! I’m going to use this.

  • Thank you Teela! You teach us new & valuable things all the time. 🙂

  • Hi Teela,

    I would LOVE if you could do a post about resume design. I’m really looking for some good advice on how to make sure your resume showcases you skill but looks professional. Thanks 🙂

  • Thanks Teela. Very useful freebie!

  • great thank you!

  • Thank you so much Teela! You have taught me SO much about Illustrator. I love all your tutorials. But I am still very new to all of this and am trying to fill this in correctly. Could you do a quick tutorial on this?


  • Teela, you have helped me tremendously with my small business! I can make a lot of my own graphic designs thanks to you!

  • OMG thank you sooo much for this!!! I have been having trouble rebranding my own business & this will help me soooo much!!!

  • This is great, thanks so much.


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