As we get closer to the end of April, I looked up when Mother’s Day was this year and was surprised to see it’s pretty early – May 8th! Looks like we’re also getting a Friday the 13th in May, which happens to be both my mom’s and my youngest sister’s birthday. I see a lot of card making in my near future 🙂

Speaking of cards – if you’re short on time or want to go DIY this year, here’s your opportunity to take care of things early for an on time mailbox delivery. This week’s freebie is a printable Mother’s Day card with a folded size of 6″x4″ (perfect for any A4 sized envelope). The card is laid out on an 8.5″x11″/A4 sized sheet of paper with all trim marks included so you can print it out at home without any hassle. Download link and preview image below!

Freebie: Printable Mother’s Day Card

Pick it up here!


The gold effect on the doodles was created using the Glitz + Glam Kit 🙂

mother's day card preview 2

mother's day card layout

pssst: here’s last year’s Mother’s Day card!

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  • My younger sister’s birthday is also May 13th and my mom’s is May 17th! Thank you for another beautiful freebie!

  • Thank u so much Teela <3