This week, I thought I’d go completely analog with a DIY watercolor ribbon Father’s Day card. I love taking handmade creations digital, but every now and then – especially for sentimental holidays, you can’t really beat 100% handmade 😉 With Father’s Day coming in less than a week, you’ll still have time to seal this in an envelope, stamp it up and get it in a mailbox in time. So, let’s get this card going; all the instructions, materials and full video are below!

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DIY watercolor ribbon father's day card

DIY: Watercolor Ribbon Father’s Day Card

Supplies mentioned in this video:

I also mentioned the card template you can print out that has trim and score marks on it. You can download that here (for a 4″x6″ folded card, will fit inside any A4 envelope):

4"x6" Greeting Card Template

score and trim marks for a 4"x6" (when folded) greeting card

  • File type: pdf
  • Size: 44 kb
  • Minimum software version: n/a


tuesday tips

Need some extra practice drawing curvy ribbons? Here are 4 easy steps, breaking the process down:

ribbon making step 1

Step 1: Create your ribbon lettering areas first. Draw two (same length) vertical lines and when you place a curve between them, start with a dip and end with a peak. Add as many areas as you’d like (3 are used with the tutorial).

ribbon making step 2

Step 2: Add your loops and angles. On the tops of your ‘dips’, place a semi-circle. On the bottom of the other side of your curves, add semi-circles. Place angled lines between your lettering areas to connect each one.

ribbon making step 3

Step 3: Finish up any shading (whether you’re using watercolor or just using a pencil/marker). This will draw more attention to your lettering.

ribbon making step 4

Step 4: Add lettering + final details. Some ideas could include: drop shadows for your ribbon or lettering, details within your lettering or decorative elements around your ribbons. Done!



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  • Thanks Teela ! Your video is very easy to understand and your directions are easy to follow.
    Love it!

  • Nice project! Like how you used the markers on top of the watercolor areas for shadows and highlights. Fun and easy! Thank you, Teela!


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