Keeping with the brush/india ink theme this week, this week’s freebie is a pack of 20 vector brush textures! Add quick texture to portions of your artwork or use as dividers. To add a faux screenprinted edge effect quickly, apply a brush texture to each side of a color filled rectangle. All textures are 100% vector and can be used with any version of Illustrator or Photoshop, CS3 or newer. Preview below; ai, eps + psd included in the download!

Freebie: Vector Brush Textures

Download your vector brush textures here!
In case you’re wondering, these were all created using a waterbrush filled with india ink, just like in this past Tuesday’s brush script lettering tutorial! Full usage rights are available here.

Download includes (by length):

  • 3 extra long
  • 4 long
  • 6 medium
  • 7 small

Full brush textures preview:

freebie: vector brush textures preview


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Latest comments
  • Thanks for these.

    Maybe you have done this already but I would like to see how to apply watercolor to something like these brush strokes or some other colorless shape.

      • Thanks Teela, I’ll rewatch (is that a word) that video.

        Good luck with your decision to jump into this full time. It appears you have what it takes to make it work and your dog will be glad to have the company.

  • These are great, thanks!

  • How do you open these in photoshop cs6? Sorry i’m new lol

  • Hey Teela! These are great, but I think the link is not working 🙁


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