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  • I love you! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • thank you!

    have you done any posts on beginner packs for graphic designers? like, what are some of the basic fonts ever graphic designer should start with? is this a dumb question? I am looking to invest in a few fonts and just wanted a few opinions.

  • HI,

    In general as we head out to create logos or prints for clients – it would be good to know the basic tools needed or necessary. Nowadays so many sites offer bundles and although some are filled with goodies, it would be good to know some basics so that we’re able to purchase wisely. For example, good serif and San Serifs VS scripts. What are some industry standards..

    The other day I was searching for mockups – and got overwhelmed at the amount of available downloads. it gets to be too much without some guides. thanks in advance – seriously this blog is amaze!

  • Your “Here” link on the pop-up window for Freebie: Subscriber Goodie Pack is broken. The http://www. part isn’t right and it takes you off to some http site.

  • Hi TeelaC! Thanks for the freebie. I have featured it here in my monthly series of popular freebies from Dribbble community, you can check it out here: http://www.byteswire.com/50-incredible-freebies-for-web-designers-from-dribbble-community-april-2015/

  • OMG i love you :'(

  • I love it, glad I found you. Thanks so much and more creativity

  • Hi Teela:I watched your video of coligraphy with the water brush for the first time and loved it,your voice is very soothing and you explain very clear, thank you for making the video, I paint watercolor cards,but don’t know how do a nice hand writing, how can I learn more from you?….love….nasrin

  • Can we use these freebies commercially?


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