A few years ago (ok, more like 8) when I started creating templates for others to use online, wedding templates were one of the first kinds I made. I loved putting together a stationery set that felt like it belonged together, but altering each piece slightly to still feel special. I realized – here we are in May, and it has been since 2014 since I created a wedding stationery tutorial. With my new watercolor leaves and florals kit now available, it makes wedding stationery that much easier and quicker to put together (grab a free mini kit below!). In this week’s tutorial, we’ll create a save the date postcard together in Illustrator which will be all ready to print at home, or send off for printing when we’re finished. Read on for all the details!

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create a save the date postcard in adobe illustrator

Create a Save the Date Postcard in Adobe Illustrator

Mentioned in the video:

Color palette (CMYK):

  • Light blue: 5/0/0/1
  • Medium blue: 35/20/5/15
  • Dark blue: 90/70/40/20

Pick up the free ‘Save the Date’ vector text here:

Save the Date

vector lettering

  • File type: zip file: ai, eps
  • Size: 213 kb
  • Minimum software version: CS3

And grab your free watercolor florals mini kit here (if you’re already an Every-Tuesday subscriber, you can pick it up in the resource library):

watercolor florals mini kit
tuesday tips

Here’s the written version of the tutorial, in case it helps!

  • Create a new document, sized 5″ wide by 7″ high with a bleed of .125″ on all sides. Choose a color mode of CMYK if you’re using your home printer; choose RGB if you have a newer printer that recommends RGB, or, if you’re sending these off to be printed, check with the printer for the color mode they prefer. The postcard will fit in any A7 sized envelope.
  • File > place your floral elements (we used bouquet #3 in blue green from the watercolor leaves and florals kit). Copy and rotate around so you have 4 copies, one on each side.
  • Create a rectangle that extends to the red bleed line on all sides and send it to the back. Recolor to your preference.
  • Use your ellipse tool to create a circle in the center and reduce its opacity to 90%, then create a copy of that circle on top (opacity 100%). Scale the copy up slightly, remove the fill and apply a 1pt stroke the same color as the inner circle.
  • Place/paste in the save the date vector lettering (free download above).
  • Typeset the rest of your card’s info (the Miss Magnolia font was used here).
  • If printing at home, save your illustrator file, then save a pdf with trim marks applied and be sure the box for ‘include bleed settings’ is checked. If sending to a printer, check with them for their file delivery preference.
  • Done!

Download your free watercolor florals mini-kit!


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Freebie: Procreate
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Download your Free Watercolor Florals Mini Kit!

Download your Free Watercolor Florals Mini Kit!

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  • Such a beautiful card, Teela! Thanks for the detailed tutorial. So happy for access to your Watercolor Leaves and Florals Kit. I just HAD to have it!

  • As always, thank you. And so lovely, Teela. You are the best!!

  • Hi Teela,

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I have a question though. Most of my files will be printed at home, so I’ll do them in CMYK. However, if I made files for download or down the road I want to send it to a commercial printer, would I need to make a separate file in RGB? Or is it just a matter of saving the file as RGB mode? I’m so confused, lol.


  • Hi
    Your blogs have really been helping me a lot. And thank you so much for that.
    I just want to know how to vectorize the watercolor textures and floral or anything related to watercolors in Adobe Photoshop. Can you make a tutorial on it? Thank you and hoping for it.

  • writing “save the date” using what font?, Mrs.TEELA

  • Thank you!! Your YouTubes are awesome and have help me improve my Adobe Illustrator skills tremendously.


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