Hand Lettering

Valentine’s Day will be here NEXT Saturday! What?! It’s probably time to share some free hand lettered mini valentines!

I think this blog makes it pretty obvious I’m a big fan of anything handmade 🙂 And I loveeee typography – it’s the reason I got into design in the first

The last couple of weeks have had their fair share of difficult moments. Most of them stem from having a broken hand and the stress of finishing up a

Welcome to Typins #2! This post is where I share my recent favorite typography pins from pinterest. Here are 8 inspiration-inducing pins to get your type on 😉

Happy Tuesday! And Happy Veteran’s Day! My father is a veteran (Marines), both of my grandfathers were veterans (both Navy), and my brother is currently an Air Force pilot, so I

Happy Tuesday! Chances are you’ve heard of hand lettering recently – it’s everywhere! Many tutorials on hand lettering are paid ones, but I have the best readers, so this one’s free


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