When I first started using Procreate, I just selected the colors I needed at the time and went on my merry way. Once I became more comfortable with the program, accessing quick, harmonious color palettes dramatically changed (and improved) the feel of all of my artwork moving forward. Spending the time to experiment with and decide on the right color combos became increasingly more time consuming, though. Thinking about how I choose color palettes for my graphic design artwork, I realized I could utilize the same tools, but in a different way using Procreate. In this video, I’ll share how I now put together quick color palettes in Procreate in a matter of minutes. Once you see how easy it is, I promise, you’ll never look back!

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create quick color palettes in Procreate


Create Quick Color Palettes in Procreate

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Here’s a quick overview of what we did in this tutorial, in written format:

  • Head over to Adobe Color and either hit ‘explore’ to check out popular palettes or type in the search a theme term you’re going for. If you’d like, you can search more than one term at a time, just separate the terms with a comma. The color palette results will populate with all colors related to those terms.
  • When you find a selection you like, screenshot the webpage. To take a screenshot, hold your home button and the ‘close’ button on your iPad at the same time. The screenshot will automatically be saved to your photos folder. Return to Procreate.
  • Insert the screenshot into Procreate. Using the eye dropper in Procreate, tap on the individual colors and when they appear in the color palette, tap the swatch area below the color wheel. This will automatically place the color as a swatch. Repeat the process with the other colors you’d like to use. Name the palette and you’ll have access to it for all of your future Procreate work!
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  • So this is why I’ve come to look forward to Tuesdays! So appreciative of your content-rich tutorials, Teela! I’ve been using Procreate more and more, thanks to you, and the option now to build my own color palette so easily is a welcome treat. Your method is brilliant! Love it!

  • Great idea for taking color palettes quickly from other sources. Very creative, Thanks.

  • You’re such a sweetheart! Thanks for your wonderful tutorials, Teela!

  • You are amazing, your design is super.
    I am your fan.