On Tuesday, we created extra unique watercolor textures using 3 simple and creative tricks. There’s something about the way colors blend together with water that’s kind of magical. One of my favorite indulgences is searching out abstract, beautifully colored textures and seeing how I can put my own spin on them. To keep those eye candy textures better organized, I’ve even started this pinterest board, too. In a follow up to Tuesday’s tutorial, I wanted to share 8 inspiring watercolor textures to light that extra spark if you needed a creative boost today 😉 I know there’s never a bad day to feast my eyes on these!

eye candy: 8 inspiring watercolor textures

Eye Candy: 10 Inspiring Watercolor Textures

Click on any image to be brought to its source.

01: Blue dream, baby

Love the darker lines and beautiful fade from one crest to another. Use tones of one color and mix with darker tones of color in the same warm or cool space to simply achieve complex-looking outcomes!

blue watercolor waves

02: To scale, or not to scale

Remember the watercolor lettering + diy embossing hacks from the other week? Embossed lines are an eye-catching way to create separation within textures 😉

watercolor scales

03: Find your marbles

Great softness and simplicity here. Mimic a marbled look with dark lines and soft fades using one color.

pink marble watercolor
no source available

04: Wallpaper wonder

A few simple splashes of watercolor and bam – beautiful wallpaper 🙂

watercolor wallpaper


05: Gettin’ drippy with it

Having a cluster of texture with messy drips leading off the page keeps your eyes extra-entertained.

watercolor drips
no source available

06: The velvet touch

Smoky and velvety and a little bit of gold all rolled into one. So dreamy.

smoky watercolor


07: Color explosion

Know how to take any old watercolor painting and get it noticed? EXPLODE THE COLOR.

color explosion


08: A beautiful mess

When in doubt, make a beautiful mess.

a beautiful watercolor mess


If you love watercolor, check out my newest class, Brush Lettering with Watercolor!


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Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

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  • I’m amazed at your skills. I started with bleached water and the effects are so interesting. I must buy some watercolor paper because I’ve run out of it. Thank you for your tips!!


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