In many of the ventures I’ve taken into the depths of Instagram eye candy-land, adding some splatter to finished artwork is totally a thing. Here’s another thing though – splattering those babies is messy. Those little splatter dots actually go everywhere – I still have some on my keyboard from when I made this freebie 😁. If you’re taking your artwork digital, or editing things a little further, there’s a way to avoid those little keyboard/desk/everywhere ink freckles: pre-made splatters! This week’s freebie is a set of 3 varied mini ink splatter textures you can use at will. Grab them below, plus check out a few ideas + inspiration for using em!

free mini ink splatter textures

Freebie: Mini Ink Splatter Textures

This download includes 3 different psd files + transparent pngs to give you some splatter variety. Each psd comes as an 8.5″x11″ (or A4) sized document with the background totally removed. All files are high resolution (300ppi), and greyscale color mode – change as needed. In case you’d like to use these in other programs asap, I’ve also included transparent png files – yay! In Photoshop, change up the color by first changing your color mode (image > mode), then apply a color overlay layer style to the splatters (to do that, double click on the layer and navigate to ‘color overlay’ in the layer styles palette). These splatters are opaque black, so no need to worry about transparency blending.

Download your free mini ink splatter textures here!


These are ok for personal and commercial use! Here’s where you can find all license info for freebies.

Preview of textures included in the download:

mini ink splatter textures preview

Inspiration + Ideas for Use!

#1: Add around hand lettered names for a simple + subtle artsy feel.

name with splatter

#2: Creative business cards – mix with an existing texture (shown here: texture no.06 from Watercolor Texture Kit vol.3, vector flower graphic from 100+ vector leaves + flourishes, script font is Tuesday Script, sans serif is Novecento)

watercolor business cards design

#3: Hand lettered quotes – combine two, or all three textures for extra splatter, as needed. Easy peasy 😉

framed quote


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Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate
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  • Thanks, Teela. These are great!

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  • Teela — Happy 1st Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and art with us neebies!

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  • Thank you Teela! You in truly inspire me to keep practice my hand lettering!

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  • Thanks Teela! These live to ride again in a little family greeting for Christmas 2017!


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