Happy Tuesday! I’m so excited I get to bring my newest Skillshare class to you this week, Mastering Mockups! In the class, we take original artwork, apply a little photoshop trickery, and put that artwork on products which look convincingly real. This is the perfect sales tool if you’re a seller on Etsy and need better product photography, if you’re a freelancer who wants to impress and convince your client to approve the artwork you created for them, or if you’d like to level up your design portfolio making fictitious projects come to life. You can also use the techniques from the class to create social media posts to build your following, blog post images, digital product sell pages and so much more. Your enrollment in the class gets you all 4 base photos used in the class for free, so you can follow along, completing every step as we go šŸ˜‰

Keeping with tradition, I’m sharing the class trailer today, along with a bonus lesson from the class on creating single use, social media mockups which you would have only had access to if you were enrolled. Are you ready to mock?! Everything below!

Mastering Mockups Class Trailer + Bonus!

Get these images for free with enrollment to create your own mockups in a snap!

free with enrollment

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