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  • Another very helpful tutorial.

    How did you get the 2 Pantone (spot) colours to match the CMYK values. Did you recolour artwork in Illustrator?
    That is the method I have used in the past.



  • Thanks Teela. It does.

  • Very helpful! I really appreciate both logo tutorials you provided. Thank you thank you!

  • Hi Teela,

    I just finished your Watercolor Branding class on Skillshare. It was awesome. I’m so excited to create a logo.

    In the Skillshare class when it came time to save out the logos you changed the size of the artboard to fit the logo. In this tutorial, I noticed that you just set the pixel size to 600×600. I’m just curious if there is a reason for this or is either method suitable?

    Thanks in advance!


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