Last week, I gave away a few freebie pdfs and this one was fully clickable. Being able to offer readers a clickable pdf has been a great way for me to share some of my favorite tools all in one place, and in a simple doc you can tuck into your favorite folder(s).

Creating clickable pdfs is also a nice option for sharing resources with clients (and also look like a badass designer at the same time 😉 ). If you sell digital printables on Etsy for example, adding your url at the bottom that is also clickable is a simple opportunity to gain more visitors to your site or store!

For whatever your purpose(s) might be, in this week’s tutorial, I’m sharing exactly how I make mine from start to finish using Adobe InDesign. Read on to see how easy it is!

how to create a clickable pdf with indesign

How to Create a Clickable PDF with InDesign

Mentioned in the video:
– Font: Gotham Book
– Adobe InDesign free 30 day trial

tuesday tips

  • Since clickable pdfs are meant for on-screen use, make sure you begin by converting or setting your original doc to RGB color mode to ensure your colors are appearing how you’d like on-screen. You can do this by going file > document setup and changing your intent from ‘print’ to ‘web’. Next, go edit > transparency blend space > document RGB. Be sure you’re only using RGB color builds in your color palette.
  • Keep all of your text live for a cleaner file, though you can make images clickable, as well.
  • Utilize your hyperlinks palette to create your links. You can get to this palette by going window > interactive > hyperlinks. Be sure they’re pointing to a ‘url’ that you define.
  • In order for the pdf to work properly, you must export the document as an interactive pdf instead of saving as a regular pdf. Set the resolution to your preference (if your doc has images you want super clear + higher res, going higher than 72ppi is fine! I recommend keeping it between 72ppi and 150ppi, tops).
  • Always test all the links in your document before making it available to others!

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Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate
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  • Your tutorials and information seriously are the best! Thanks for all the help and advice you have supplied for me!

  • Awesome! Thank you, Teela =D

  • Hi – I am so pleased I found your site – love it and I know I missed my calling of being a graphic designer!
    I have started to try and create my own pdf printables, but am having trouble resizing them from A4 to A5 or Letter. The only thing I can find is an online tool that seems to do it OK, but am I missing a trick?
    I would eventually like to be able to offer these printables to people and in different sizes to make it easier for them to print. Should I be using something in Adobe? (I have illustrator and Acrobat)
    Thanks so much in anticipation, Chrissy x

  • Thanks so very much! Have spent literally hours trying to work this out! I’ve only been in illustrator for a couple of weeks and love it!

  • Now I know why my hyperlink did not work!! Thank you!


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