Happy Tuesday! This week’s tutorial comes courtesy of Brittany, who shared this photo with me, which I agreed would make a great quick tip tutorial! As a bonus, I’m sharing how to create multi-colored long shadow typography, in case you’d like to use more than one color for your shadows 🙂 We’ll create every version quickly in Illustrator using one simple tool and a couple of extra time saving options. This is perfect for gig posters, MTV-esque retro designs, greeting cards, or paired with simple icons. Read on to see it all!

Create Stacked Long Shadow Typography

Font used:
Free alternative: Novecento Sans Wide Medium


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Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate

Freebie: Procreate
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Latest comments
  • Nice! Thanks for this tutorial! I used it to make a header image for a blogpost that’s going to be published tomorrow. I tweaked it a little bit so it would fit my blog colours. My first project after doing a beginner Illustrator class on Skillshare.com.

  • Thanks for this tutorial! I was wondering how text like this was created. One thing that happened to me when I went to blend my two layers, my edges were really jagged, like little blocks stacked on one another. Is there a way to fix that? I had the setting set to smooth…

      • Thank you! I will give it a go!

  • Hello Teela,

    Thank you for the tutorials – I’m learning tons! They are amazing!

    I’ve got a question about the solid colour shadow. Is there a way to create it without as many shapes in between (as they seem to be redundant with solid colour). Or is this the only way? I’d like to create a shadow for a script word.. and to get a blend without gaps between the narrow parts of the letter is a bit of night mare.

    Perhaps there is a different approach/tips for creating a solid/fat shadows for scripts. I hope that makes sense.

    I’d hugely appreciate any tips.

    Many thanks! Dasha


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