Spence doodled out this adorable Frankenstein the other day and I just had to bring it to life in Illustrator! Since flat illustrations/icons are still veryย popular these days, I decided to draw it out in a flat illustration style with a half face shade and a long shadow. This would work great on a party invite, perched atop toothpicks on Halloween themed cupcakes, printed out life sized on a front door, or tied around candy goodie bags. This same style could be adapted for a ghost, witch, pumpkin and/or skeleton to create a full set. Video tutorial below along with the template sketch used in the tutorial!

Here’s the sketch as a jpg you can use to follow along:


How to Create a Flat Frankenstein in Illustrator

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  • What a fun tutorial! I love making icons! Thanks for sharing!

  • Love it! So glad I stumbled across your site. Illustrator has always been intimidating to me and you make it seem so easy! Can you discuss creating holiday cards with photos and your process for creating them in a future post? Thanks!

  • Great video! Just one question: What are the RGB or hexadecimal values of the colors used for the features of the face?

  • LOVE your teaching style! So easy to follow, and such fun projects! Great tips! Thank you!

  • Now that was fun! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Please, more tutorials like this!

  • I am such a fan! You’re awesome!