Last year, I bought myself a big pack of Coliro Colors FineTec metallic watercolors for my birthday. I had experimented with their gold collection earlier and couldn’t wait to have more colors to play with. The rest of the year, I obsessed with using them on new lettering pieces, custom greeting cards for friends and family – anything I could think of. The way they glimmer in the sunlight is so beautiful, I was constantly looking for ways to create other shiny outcomes 🙂 I broke them out again the other day and realized I never shared my blending methods in a tutorial, so it was time for that to change! These watercolors get thick + dry pretty fast, so blending can be a little more complicated than traditional watercolors. In this week’s tutorial, I walk you through 3 blending effects using metallic watercolors with all of my favorite, long-tested tricks 😉 Read below for them all!

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3 blending effects using metallic watercolors

3 Blending Effects using Metallic Watercolors

Mentioned in this tutorial:

Here are the outcomes from the 3 blending effects we created using metallic watercolors:

rainbow watercolor blend

1. Rainbow/Color Blocking

stackable ombre watercolor blend

2. Stackable/Vertical Ombré

shadow watercolor blend

3. Shadow/Depth

tuesday tips

Here’s what we did to create 3 blending effects using metallic watercolors in written form:

1. Rainbow/Color Blocking

  • Create your base lettering using a diluted version of white or silver. Allow to fully dry.
  • Add in each color, one at a time in small to medium ‘blocks’ on top of your base lettering. Allow the color to fully dry before moving on to the next color.
  • Repeat until finished. Done!

2. Stackable/Vertical Ombré

  • Create your (stacked) base lettering using a diluted version of white or silver. Allow to fully dry.
  • For an ombré/subtle color blend, choose colors that are similar to each other. Start with your first color, painting half way down all the letters in the top row.
  • While the previous color is still wet, paint the bottom half of those colors using the next color. Dot or dab into the previous color for a smooth transition.
  • Use the second color for the top half of the second row of letters. Repeat for as many rows as needed. Done!

3. Shadow/Depth

  • Create your lettering with the color you’d like – brighter colors work best! Make sure you apply the watercolor thicker than usual, so when you integrate shadows, the contrast really stands out.
  • Once dry, with the clean/almost dry tip of your waterbrush, begin lifting up color from your shadow areas. Wipe whatever paint you pick up onto a paper towel and continue through the rest of your word until you have shadows in all of your letters. Allow to dry.
  • Repeat lifting for more contrast if desired after the initial first pass. Done!

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