I can’t believe I haven’t made this tutorial before now. I remember sitting in community college after learning this trick and – being a crafty person – wondering HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?! On the chance someone might get as excited as I did about creating a custom sticker out of anything, this week I’m sharing everything I’ve ever learned about using mounting adhesive. These simple tips will have you walking away with non stickified fingers *and* scissors, plus you’ll have some awesome stickers to show for it, too! Read on for all the details!

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how to make a sticker out of anything

How to Make a Sticker out of Anything

Mentioned in this tutorial:

  • 3M Mounting Adhesive
  • Any pair of scissors
  • An X-Acto knife or utility knife
  • A squeegee/burnisher (if you don’t have one, a credit card works perfectly!)

I do not recommend using spray mounting adhesive, just the mounting adhesive that comes in rolls as seen in the video. Even though spray mount is cheaper, it’s not worth the risk of breathing it in, even in well ventilated areas.

In the video, you see me converting bullet journal vectors into stickers. Download a jpg sheet of them here:

Sticker Doodles

bullet journal doodles for sticker making

  • File type: jpg
  • Size: 2.7 MB
  • Minimum software version: n/a

Want the vectors? Pick them up by clicking the image below; Every-Tuesday subscribers can download them right now from the Resource Library 😉

Bullet Journal preview
Click here to download!


tuesday tips

Here are the written instructions for what we did to make a sticker out of anything!
  • Place your artwork art side up on top of your mounting adhesive. Press firmly and especially hard on the edges you’ll cut.
  • Using an x-acto or utility knife, cut along the edge of the artwork, being careful not to touch the adhesive.
  • Once your artwork is free from the roll, burnish the back side of the artwork using a credit card or other hard edge.
  • Next, cut your artwork out as desired. Remove the backing and stick to anything! Done!



Download your free Bullet Journal Vector Kit!

Bullet journal vector kit freebie download

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