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  • Does the class include references of where to have them made affordably for resale?

  • This is so fabulous! Just what I need. I send out 100s of subscription illustrated letters every month thru Etsy and I NEED many varied rubberstamps!
    A. But I am in Paris
    B. someone gave me an engraver in the US and the charge was like $89 per stamp ;(
    Any clue if Will they send to France and does it cost a fortune?
    I’m going to sign up now on Skillshare.
    Thanks so much for doing this Teela!
    Cheers Carolg

  • Hey! Can you share where you get it made? I would like to know beforehand if they even ship to The Netherlands.. :/

      • Thanks! I understand, the only thing that bothers me is that we need to pay customs on products from America, a new shipping law that is very frustrating and expensive… So can you tell me if they ship from America? And would you recommend watching/buying your class if I would not be able to get them at that specific company? Thanks!

          • Great thanks, I have already had that 30 days trial period once but I will take a monthly membership for your class and some other classes I had saved 🙂

  • Thanks Teela. This is so Great! I’ve been paying a fortune on Etsy and I still can’t find exactly the images I want. Noe I can make them myself for peanuts.
    The class was terrific!

  • PS
    By any chance do they do those ‘Clear transparent Stamps’ you mount on the plastic blocks? Or do you have a source for those in the class? Maybe easier to ship..


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