Happy Thursday! Today I’m excited to bring you the holiday hand lettering projects series showcase! This showcase includes community artwork that was created during our holiday hand lettering series. Check out those tutorials here 😉 While the series has now concluded, I hope the tutorials and the community artwork below inspires you for your own holiday lettering now and in the future. This artwork can be applied to greeting cards, gift tags, gift wrap, holiday stationery and more. For more on the individual artists featured below, click on their instagram handles to show them some extra love 😉 Let’s check these out!

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holiday hand lettering projects community showcase


Holiday Hand Lettering Projects Showcase!

Week 1 Tutorial: Cheer

Create dimensional, illusion lettering on colored paper using a brush pen + gel pens.
Artists shown below (click on any artist’s name to visit their IG profile!):
1. @mrsefs 2. @libbydrawsalot 3. @calligraphyodyssey
4. @cristinacastrocabedo 5. @grfxdesigner03 6. @casfaulds
7. @sepia.design 8. @kiamatthews 9. @peninsuladesigns
10. @orsilovesdesign 11. @selmadissieux 12. @samella.ink


week 1 showcase


Week 2 Tutorial: NOEL

Create doodle pattern block lettering using gel pens on black paper
Artists shown below (click on any artist’s name to visit their IG profile!):
1. @andreatriebe 2. @annelafolletteart 3. @schoepfergeist
4. @jordynalisondesigns 5. @grfxdesigner03 6. @the_younique_bullet
7.@samella.ink 8. @libbydrawsalot 9. @sepia.design
10. @orsilovesdesign 11. @tiggerbjg_ 12. @casfaulds
13. @calligraphyodyssey 14. @joannegroff 15. @mrsefs


week 2 showcase


Week 3 Tutorial: Joyful

Apply doodles and details on top of brush lettering. Finish things off with a floating shadow.
Artists shown below (click on any artist’s name to visit their IG profile!):
1. @mrsefs 2. @andreatriebe 3. @selmadissieux
4. @cristinacastrocabedo 5. @loretobarahona 6. @libbydrawsalot
7. @joannegroff 8. @ncomsa7 9. @calligraphyodyssey


week 3 showcase


Week 4 Tutorial: FaLaLaLa

Create 3D block lettering surrounded by decorative flourishes.
Artists shown below (click on any artist’s name to visit their IG profile!):
1. @sepia.design 2. @mrsefs 3. @bernie_delury
4. @jaifordesign 5. @cristinacastrocabedo 6. @grfxdesigner03
7. @milnermadeit 8. @libbydrawsalot 9. @blondie_loves_lettering


week 4 showcase


Week 5 Tutorial: Merry & Bright

Use metallic watercolors to create brush lettering surrounded by gel pen strings of holiday lights.
Artists shown below (click on any artist’s name to visit their IG profile!):
1. @mrsefs 2. @milnermadeit  3. @sepia.design
4. @calligraphyodyssey 5. @schoepfergeist 6. @orsilovesdesign
7. @grfxdesigner03 8. @blondie_loves_lettering 9. @peninsuladesigns


week 5 showcase


Week 6 Tutorial: Joy

Create watercolor brush lettering with metallic gel pen details. Surround the lettering with illustrated holiday branches.
Artists shown below (click on any artist’s name to visit their IG profile!):
1. @issa_blue19 2. @emjwalker 3. @sepia.design
4. @milnermadeit 5. @dletterz 6. @dzettering
7. @andreatriebe 8. @yokadesign 9. @mrsefs


week 6 showcase


A HUGE heartfelt thank you to all who participated! Seeing your new work was a highlight for me each day and something I constantly looked forward to over the last 6 weeks. I hope you had fun and are motivated to keep experimenting!


Want to combine techniques or pick up some new lettering supplies to experiment with? Here are all of the supplies used throughout this series + from this showcase:


Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6:



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  • What a fun series- thanks for sharing Teela!

  • Thank you Teela for these fun projects! Still have to do the last one but I look forward to doing it soon.


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