As many of you know, I’ve been kind of crazy about watercolors lately (check out my new Skillshare class, this tutorial, or this one for proof!) and have started receiving emails asking what art supplies I’m using for creating my fine art assets – whether it’s textures, lettering, or just types of paper. Today I wanted to share the exact art supplies I’ve been using on a weekly basis to create everything you’ve seen here over the last few months. I hope this list will eliminate some of your own guess work (as I researched all of these supplies thoroughly before investing in them) – and help you to create your own future assets!

Little disclaimer – I’m a prime member over on Amazon, so that’s where I’ve been picking up all of my supplies lately, hence all the supplies listed below being prime items – can’t really beat great prices + 2 day free shipping! Click on any image below to be brought to the sales page!

Current Art Supplies in My Toolbox

Watercolor Supplies

Tutorial References:
Watercolor Branding: Create Your Own Custom Watercolor Logo, Watercolor Typography, How to Create a Watercolor Popsicle, Create an Art Print Based on a Photograph
Product References:
Watercolor Texture Kit: Bold + Bright, Watercolor Texture Kit 2: Soft + Color Streaked

1. Watercolors

2. Brushes (these were used to create my textures)
watercolor brushes

3. Paint Tray
paint tray

4. Watercolor Paper (I’ve used both of these – the Canson bows a bit if you’re not careful, the Strathmore is wonderful)
Canson Watercolor Paper
strathmore watercolor paper



Tutorial References:
How to Create Paint Streak Typography, How to Create a Vector Paint Streak Surfboard

Product References:
Mega Paint Streak Pack

1. Acrylic Paint
acrylic paint

2. Paper (I’ve found bristol paper to be perfect for making paint streak assets – it’s very smooth and sturdy)
bristol paper

3. Brushes (Nothing crazy, just any big acrylic brushes to pull those pretty paint streaks)
acrylic brushes


Lettering Supplies

1.  Brushes (I use the #2 brush from this set of watercolor brushes for my lettering)
watercolor brushes

2. Ink I tried this ink for the first time a few weeks ago and couldn’t be happier!
Super black ink for lettering

3. Pens – by far my favorite pens EVER. No bleeding, even on crap paper, have been perfect for lettering, doodles, illustrations..everything! (it’s worth it to get this 8pc set for the extra brush + graphic pens, I’ve used them til they’ve run dry!)
PIGMA Micons

4. Brush Markers – I just bought this last week and I ordered another one last night – I am OBSESSED! Has taken my lettering to a new level and I’ve noticed a huge improvement after using it/getting used to it for the last week (I wrote the ‘Art Supplies’ in the preview image above with it!). The trick is to hold it loosely in your hand and be very intentional/gestural with it – heavy pressure on down strokes, very light on upstrokes. Plus it has 2 ends! The second is a marker/graphic point for finer line work. Double ahh-mazing.
Tombow lettering brush marker

5. Paper – yep. nothing crazy here – just your regular ol’ printer paper. I like not feeling the pressure of making perfect work because I spent a gazillion on awesome paper. I think you’ll agree 🙂
printer paper

So that’s my list of currently loved + used art supplies! I would love to hear if you have any recommendations – I’m always excited to try out new things!


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Freebie: Procreate

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  • Thanks for sharing this!

  • I would recommend to check out. They have a amazing stuff. They carry supplies from Japan that never make it here. And shipping is free with minimum purchase of $25 (I have NEVER had a problem meeting that, lol!) They have some wonderful brush pens to try. And have a lot of resource videos and comparisons as well 🙂

  • Thanks! I’m checking them out right now..


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